Smart IPTV Tutorials

Smart IPTV Setup Info (M3U PLAYLIST)

Smart IPTV is an app for Smart TV’s, Amazon Fire TVs and other Android TVs. It is a paid app but offers a 7 day free trial. It uses M3U playlists and setup is done remotely on their website by associating your TV MAC address and the playlist URL

Only a few servers works with an M3U Playlist, such as; OK2, GoldTV Green, WowTV & Jaguar


  1. Download the app from the app store on your device
  2. Open the app and make note of your TV MAC address
  3. Go to Settings if you do not immediately see your TV MAC
  4. Go to in a web browser
  5. Add external playlist links with your TV MAC address, M3U URL and select your EPG Region
  6. Optionally, select no logos and Save online if your device is low on memory